Tuesday, June 1, 2010


i lost my way back home and
i stand at the crossroad.
"Inki Pinki Ponky", which way do i go.

I sit down and shout watching up the sky.
I shout "Yo come find me ya"

I begin to think,
I tasted every wine in the bottle and
sustained injuries that left me scars.
Yet, i kept alive, the glow of my face and
the beating of my heart.

I am the little miss sunshine, ready to take on the world.
Enter my world, i can revive "Beauty and the Beast"
I am the lonesome beauty with beast all around.

I close my eyes and dream.
I dream of a happier place with blue sky.
I dream of waking up everyday, have better company and
Not to forget a good internet connection "yo".

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